Comprehensive Information

TMGI is dedicated to providing its clients with a comprehensive resource for the effective
and efficient management of environmental, health & safety, and hazardous material
shipping and transportation regulatory requirements.

Member of:

               COSTHA (Council on Safe Transportation of Hazardous Articles, Inc.)
               NESHTA (National Environmental Safety and Health Training Association)
               DGTA (Dangerous Goods Trainers Association)

TMGI specializes in compliance training and consulting to assist companies and
organizations in meeting the Department of Transportation (DOT Title 49 CFR
172.700-172.704), International Civil Aviation Organization/International Air Transport Association (ICAO/IATA DGR), International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMO/IMDG),
as well as HAZWOPER and RCRA requirements. TMGI - a single source solution to your mandatory hazmat training needs: DOT, ICAO/IATA, IMDG, Class 7 Radioactive Shipping Training, Dry Ice Shipping, Lithium Battery Shipping, OSHA and EPA training.

TMGI offers:  Public, Onsite, and "Live" Web Seminar Trainings

Corporate Office: Cleveland, OH


What's New?

 LITHIUM BATTERY Shipping Training

 TMGI now offers LITHIUM BATTERY Hazmat Shipping Training
Click Here
for details

 Class 7 Radioactive Training

TMGI now offers Class 7 Radioactive Hazardous Material Shipping Training
by Ground/Air

Click Here for details

 DRY ICE Hazmat Shipping Training

 TMGI now offers DOT-ICAO/IATA DRY ICE Hazmat Shipping Training

Call for details 866-572-8644 toll-free

Now Available - TMGI'S 2014 Public Seminar/Webinar Schedule

Click Here to download pdf

 Convenience - TMGI Offers Live
Web-Based Training

Now there is always a Hazmat Training Seminar being held in your area ... with TMGI's live web-based training.  TMGI's live, fully interactive web-based training ensures there is always a hazardous material training class available to you and your employees - no matter where you are located or what your compliance schedule may be.  Resolve your mandatory DOT 49CFR, ICAO/IATA, IMDG, and RCRA hazmat training needs with a venue that combines the benefits of an "in-person" training with the convenience (and potential cost savings) of not having to leave your facility.

Participating in TMGI's web classes does not require any special equipment or software!  If you can view this web page, you can participate.  All you need is a computer with high speed internet access (no dial-up) and a hands-free speakerphone or headset.

Click here for TMGI's current seminar schedule that includes the dates for all open enrollment seminars (public and web).  TMGI's live web-based training is also available for customized "on-site" classes.  Feel free to call for details.

Upcoming Public Training Seminars & Webinars: 

Chicago, IL: 
September 8 (DOT)
September 9 (ICAO/IATA)

Cincinnati, OH: 
September 15 (DOT)
September 16 (ICAO/IATA) 

Cleveland, OH:
August 21 (DOT)
August 22 (ICAO/IATA)
September 18 (DOT)
September 19 (ICAO/IATA)
October 15 (DOT)
October 16 (ICAO/IATA)
November 12 (DOT)
November 13 (ICAO/IATA)
November 14 (IMO/IMDG)
December 9 (RCRA)
December 10 (DOT)
December 11 (ICAO/IATA)
December 12 (IMO/IMDG)

Detroit, MI:
December 8 (DOT)
December 9 (ICAO/IATA) 

Lansing, MI:
August 11 (DOT)
August 12 (ICAO/IATA)

Philadelphia, PA: 
October 6 (DOT)
October 7 (ICAO/IATA)
October 8 (IMO/IMDG) 

Live Webinar:
July 30 (Lithium Batteries)-SOLD OUT
August 5 (DOT)-SOLD OUT
August 25 (RCRA)
September 4 (DOT)
September 5 (ICAO/IATA)
September 22 (Class 7 Radioactive)
October 1 (DOT)
October 2 (ICAO/IATA)
November 3 (DOT)
November 4 (ICAO/IATA)
November 5 (IMO/IMDG)
November 6 (RCRA)
December 4 (DOT)
December 5 (ICAO/IATA)